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Recent Evony™ News

Evony Age II Beta is Out!

February 10, 2010

Dear Evony Player,

Welcome to Evony:AgeII ! That’s right, we’re inviting you to help us test our new game starting right now. To get started, just head for the link below and sign in with your regular Evony username and password.


This is a public beta test, limited to the first 10,000 active users. Any account inactive for over 24 hours will be removed to make room for more testers. Each player will receive 1000 Evony cents per day, and we’ve set the servers to run at 10x normal speed. All building, research, travel and training will move along ten times as fast as normal in order to help us move the testing along quickly. We’ll be resetting the servers every 2 days, and we are liable to make changes to the game at any time as we respond to the bug reports from our testers.

As you play, please try everything. Attack, build, check out all the new features, give it a good test drive. We’ll have a forum for you to report any bugs and we’ll do the best we can to provide feedback as we make changes to the game or resolve bugs. Please be aware that individual tech support is simply not available in beta testing and you may not get any response at all to questions, reports, or requests for assistance. We hope you’ll enjoy E:AII as much as we do, and we appreciate your time and expertise as we fine-tune the game in preparation for launch.

The Super Servers Project

January 1, 2009

You say you want MORE battles? Do you crave MORE excitement? Want to take down MORE rivals? Now is your chance!

The Evony Team has been working on a project to bring together multiple servers for a no-holds-barred battle royale unlike any before! The new project begins with a MASSIVE new server -- over twice as big as most current servers! Add in the latest server technology for lightning-fast performance and dump in players and alliances from multiple different servers and you have a brand new Super Server!

Its a recipe for some incredibly fun action, and its all in preparation for the upcoming release of the most-anticipated FREE game expansion in internet history: Evony: Age II!

Like you, we can't wait for the release of Age II but in the meantime, we want everyone to keep having a blast and our new Super Servers are part of that plan! We'll have more details about the upcoming Super Server merge very soon! Be ready!

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